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Prairie Ironweed

Purple flowers are highly attractive to butterflies in late summer. Ironweed will grow in moist soil, just above the water’s edge. The primary purpose for planting Ironweed is to add color to the pond’s edge. Ironweed may grow to heights of five feet, but 3 to 4 feet is the average.Plant in groups spaced to create the desired aesthetic effect.

New England Aster

New England aster is a common plant that produces showy blossoms into fall. Again, the purple flowers are highly attractive to butterflies. New England aster will grow in both moist and dry soils and may attain heights of 4 feet. Plant in groups spaced to create the desired aesthetic effect.

Great Green Bulrush

This plant is restricted in its growth to water less than 1 foot deep. Bulrush is an excellent shoreline stabilizer.

Rattlesnake Master

This is a warm-season perennial native forb which grows well on wet or dry mesic prairie soil. Plants grow 2 to 6 feet tall from a short, thick rootstock. Flower heads have a honey-like odor and are in bloom June to September.(

Rose Mallow

Rose Mallow grows from 3-5 feet tall grows along wet edges of ponds, lakes, ditches and streams and in low wet woods.  It is know for its showy flowers which bloom July through October.


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