Tile Maps


GIS - Geographic Information Systems 

Do you know where all of your field tile are located? If not, the District may be able to help.
Many existing tile lines were laid more than 50 years ago. Over the years, some of these have become nonfunctional. The lack of accurate tile line maps makes it difficult to determine the position of existing drainage systems. The District has purchased color infra-red photography which will show functioning tile lines. Once the locations of these tile lines are determined, new tile lines can be added improving drainage benefits. 
These maps will be sold for $2.25 per acre, with a 40 acre minimum order. A graduated price scale is available for larger orders. The District is taking orders and will produce maps as rapidly as possible. Call or stop by the District office to learn how to place an order and when to expect your new tile maps. If you know all the information about the map you would like to order, simply fill out our Tile Map Order Form and mail it to us.