Water Quality


District Position Statement

The District believes clean water is one of the nation's highest priorities. A successful program to protect, improve, and enhance water resources must be implemented.

1. Support the application of all nutrients to cropland at rates not to exceed utilization rates with the use of variable rate technology where appropriate. Support the use of pesticides applied to agricultural land only when necessary and according to label instructions.

2. Support the application of nutrients applied to urban lawns and landscape at rates not to exceed utilization. Support the use of pesticide application only when necessary and according to label instructions.

3. Work with appropriate governmental agencies to implement National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) stormwater programs.

4. Reduce sediment levels in streams below Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards.

5. Locate and seal all abandoned wells.

6. Provide assistance to residents so private sewage systems are properly installed and maintained


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