Wildlife Habitat

District Position Statement

The District is committed to working with wildlife habitat groups to create, improve and enhance the quality and quantity of habitat.


1. Develop wetland and prairie restoration projects to increase habitat

2. Install filterstrips on 95% of stream and ditch banks

3. Establish windbreaks on 25% of rural residences

4. Establish field windbreaks on 10% of the sections of land

5. Establish wetlands on 10% of the sections of land in the county

6. Establish wildlife habitat on 4% of the county acreage

7. Establish habitat corridors where practical

8. Encourage landowners and operators to manage rural roadsides for wildlife habitat- our goal is 10 % of roadsides managed for wildlife

9. Assist in projects to improve aquatic habitat

10. Collaborate with local conservation groups to establish/improve wildlife habitat


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