Soil Erosion Control

District Position Statement

The District believes it is imperative to protect the soil resource from erosion so that we may continue producing adequate amounts of food and fiber for future generations.


1. Increase the percentage of corn and soybean acreage with over 30% residue at planting by:
• Increase adoption in corn from 5% to 30% over 5 years by using no-till, strip till or other innovative cropping system
• Increase adoption in soybeans from 25% to 50% over 5 years by using no-till or other conservation tillage practices.

2. All Runoff from Urban Construction Sites is treated to meet Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Water Quality Standards.

3. Reduce Gully Erosion by Establishing Grassed Waterways, Water and Sediment Control Basins (WASCOBS) and Terraces to Convey all field Runoff to Adequate Outlets.

4. Encourage Streambank Restoration practices that provide minimal environmental impact and enhance aquatic habitat.


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